All Through This Hour

Designing a vibrant landing page for Big Ben’s monumental restoration.

Project overview

In response to the monumental restoration of Big Ben, we were commissioned to design a landing page within a challenging 24-hour timeframe. The aim was to create a vibrant platform reflecting a nationwide event marked by a diverse group of individuals, and featuring a unique video and music release.


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The challenge

The task’s intense urgency required us to design and construct the website within 24 hours.

Dependent on the artist’s final inputs for colour and design scheme, we faced a race against time, working tirelessly throughout the night.

Embedding a video and audio player was critical to vividly convey the vision, which necessitated more focus than the artist’s involvement.

The site needed to prompt visitor interaction, allowing them to join us online and inform them of the event schedule.

Our process

Given the limited timescale, we held an initial meeting with a group member to conceptualise the site and compile content.

Initial designs and ideas were sketched out on A4 sheets before being digitally assembled in Adobe XD and Figma.

To save time, we hosted a Zoom meeting with the wider group, allowing real-time design and feedback.

A final meeting wrapped up the design and development stages remotely, with the whole team online.

Despite the tight schedule, the website was launched within 24 hours.


We asked a lot of Aydee in a short space of time and were impressed with how quickly it all came together! He took our basic idea and made something which looked great, is really creative and met the functional needs well too. Thank you!

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Our work

The website’s navigation was streamlined to two essential actions: getting involved and contacting us, guiding users effectively.

Large-scale videos were incorporated to capture the diversity of individuals and communities across the UK.

Emphasised text size contributed to an easily readable, navigable, and comprehensible site.

A concise gallery presented key historical facts about Big Ben and enabled downloads.

A dedicated section to ‘get involved’ offered an avenue for visitors to reach out and request more information.

More expansive sections ensured the central vision was always in focus.


- The website successfully embodied a unified vision, offering a hub for nationwide understanding and involvement.

- It provided a singular location for people to grasp the entire narrative and join the movement.


Despite a demanding 24-hour deadline, we successfully designed a landing page that not only resonated with the Big Ben restoration event but also served as a platform for a diverse community of individuals across the UK.

The website’s user-friendly design facilitated easy navigation, prompting engagement, and fostering a sense of unity.

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