How do I optimise my ‘Google My Business’ Page – Download A Quick Checklist

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Google MyBusiness is a must if you have a business or a personal brand. It’s great for boosting your ranking and appearance in Google. Remember 80% of search occurs on Google, and Google will highlight the users of their products. I would say GMB is one of the essential tools to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

In a nutshell, you should use Google My Business to: 

  • Grow your network and visibility
  • Increase your appearance on Google search
  • Improve your search ranking
  • Collect more reviews
  • Get more insight and information about your business
  • Improve your local SEO

When going through your Google MyBusiness, there’s a lot you can miss, so it’s good to have a plan when completing your listing. I use a checklist to nail the most important tasks. I love a good checklist! 

With that in mind, here’s my checklist for you to use when optimising your Google MyBusiness listing.

Follow the link –

Download the Checklist

I’ve added column headers so you can attack the areas that have the highest impact first.

Impact: These items have the highest impact on your ranking factor based on the Local Search Ranking Factors Analysis by Whitespark.
Effort: This item will require the most effort and possibly some technical HTML skills to complete.
Priority: The things you might want to tackle first

If you start making your way through this list it will increase your search ranking in Google. Let me know how you get on.



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