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Designing a landing page and one great Google campaign for My Simple Business Loan.

Project overview

My Simple Business Loan, a finance consulting firm providing customised, fast business loans, approached us with a clear vision: a professionally appealing, easy-to-use website and a well-strategised Google advertising campaign to broaden their customer base. Balancing the demands of quick turnaround and user-friendliness, we embarked on the project.


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The challenge

A swift project turnaround was crucial, setting a challenging timeline for the website’s creation.

The website needed to resonate with diverse business leaders, demanding a universal and appealing design.
Accessibility for all ages, ensuring the website was intuitively easy to use, was a key requirement.

Crafting a professional, sleek website that could command trust amongst entrepreneurs and business professionals was a design necessity.

The website had to sync seamlessly with form software for efficient business finance application processing.

Our process

Our process kicked off with several Zoom meetings to understand the project scope and implementation strategy.

After obtaining core assets like logos and colour guidelines, we built up the design.

New designs were conceptualised on Adobe XD.

Acknowledging the target audience of business leaders and entrepreneurs, we decided on a friendly, open, and welcoming tone for the website.

We utilised Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner to shape the website’s content and text.


Wow - great job and well done to everyone involved – it’s really evident what an enormous amount of work has gone in to this. The site looks fantastic and is packed with information, features and so many beautiful pictures and pithy videos to make it look vibrant and colourful. Nice integration of the CAF widget for donations and I like the autumnal feel to the feature video which makes me want to ‘Just Be ’and make a booking. And that history timeline is just brilliant. Best of all was to see some of those events FULLY BOOKED

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My Simple Business Loans

Our work

We initiated the project by drafting designs on Adobe XD, which were approved on the first submission.

We opted for a font that was not only professional but also easy to read.

A clear call to action was placed at the top, simplified into three steps, facilitating easy navigation for potential clients.

Clear and bold buttons were created to guide users intuitively.

We focused on empathetic call to actions, addressing users’ pain points and highlighting the solutions offered by My Simple Business Loan.

We developed a user-focused navigation system and a comprehensive FAQ section, based on keyword research using Keysearch, Google Keyword Planner, and Google Search.

We used the same tools to craft an effective advertising campaign on Google AdWords, designed to attract initial traffic to the website.


- Achieved 600 clicks through to the website within the first month of launch.

- Identified user drop-off stages with ease due to the single landing page

- Successfully created a simple, clear website that boosts business.

- Developed a swift, quick-loading website, enhancing user trust and experience.


The development of My Simple Business Loan’s website was a strategic journey that balanced aesthetic appeal, functionality, and accessibility.

Despite a challenging timeline, the result was a fast, user-friendly platform that broadens customer engagement and facilitates seamless finance application processing.

The success of this project showcases our ability to deliver swift, effective solutions tailored to specific business needs.

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