Rend the Heavens

Creating a website that empowers churches and individuals to be missional.

Project overview

Rend the Heavens, a diverse organisation equipping churches and individuals to be more missional in society approached us for a website that mirrors their vision and aligns with their organisational identity.

They sought an online platform that encapsulates their multifold activities while striking unity. Here’s the story of how we brought their vision to life.


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The challenge

The main challenge was weaving an array of independent activities into a unified website representation, keeping intact the organisation’s identity and essence.

As a new project, defining their branding, tone of voice, and public presentation was a key prerequisite.

They required an e-commerce shop to sell resources while also offering free materials.

The usage of vibrant colours posed a design challenge.
Presenting distinct services like consultation, dream interpretation, and church revitalisation in a cohesive manner was necessary.

The geographical distance between us (UK) and the client (Canada) posed potential communication and coordination challenges.


We were looking for web design that would capture our own uniqueness and convey our vision and values beyond a ‘cookie cutter’ type website. Aydee was not only able to do this effectively, we particularly loved the idea of his ongoing support that will keep our new website alive and looking fresh. If you have a one-off design need or a multilayered project like mine, connecting with Aydee is where I would begin.

Picture of Cid


CEO Rend the Heavens

Our process

Our process kicked off with meetings and Zoom calls to understand their requirements and the range of projects they offer.

Despite the geographical distance, we maintained regular Zoom meetings to ensure smooth communication.

We systematically catalogued all their products and resources intended for online sale.

We collaborated with branding experts and designers to establish a suitable colour palette and logo representation.

We set up a centralised repository via Dropbox for all content and assets, kept up-to-date, with the clients given access to upload new material as needed.

We also provided training on website usage and guaranteed ongoing support.

Our work

We built a vibrant, colourful website that faithfully represents the client’s identity.

The website’s navigation was designed to be simple and user-friendly.

We created dedicated sections for dream interpretations, consultations, e-commerce, and community engagement.

We ensured text readability and WCAG compliance by opting for a larger-than-usual font size.

The site includes localised cookie policies, privacy statements, disclaimers, and other legal requisites in line with Canadian commercial law.

We were not happy with the initial designs, so we proposed a fresh concept that better resonated with the client.

We facilitated the addition of all products to the shop and set up a payment processor, ensuring full e-commerce functionality.

Comprehensive training was provided on the website’s functionalities, with ongoing support guaranteed.

•To facilitate additional brand growth, we added a custom update to the front end that would allow the client to continue to showcase their products in a striking, yet industry-appropriate presentation.


- The website now effectively interconnects all their clients, projects, and partnering churches.

- Central online point for all their products.

- 50% increase in business

- The dream interpretation now has a dedicated online touchpoint.

- A comprehensive training website has been set up.


Developing the website for Rend the Heavens presented a unique and inspiring challenge, translating their multifaceted operations into a unified, engaging online platform. Navigating this complexity required strategic planning, creative problem-solving, and regular communication.

The resulting website not only met the client’s expectations but also served as a catalyst for business growth. This case study showcases our adaptive and client-centred approach to website design and development.

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