Hilary Marshall

Creating a connection point for story and counselling support

Project overview

Many experience problems throughout their life that can only be resolved through one-on-one coaching with a dedicated specialist.

We worked with author and counsellor Hilary Marshall to create a new website build. With a specific focus on writing and bookings, the site needed to have dedicated features to facilitate lead conversion scenarios.


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The challenge

• Hilary identified a need for a platform that could highlight both her writings and stories. The website would need to creatively showcase these aspects of her entrepreneurship.

• Helping others was a primary, if slightly secondary, goal. The new website would need to act as a conversion funnel for those looking for counselling services.

• Many counselling-based websites focus on a specific range of the colour wheel, feeling too uniform and borderline indifferent. The author specifically wanted to stray away from the norm, embracing both unique colours and font types.

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• Growing her counselling client base would allow Hilary to bring her expertise to a wider range of clients. Not only that, many lack the understanding of how a counsellor can help them with their spiritual and emotional journey.

• Hilary did not want a technically complex website. Rather, ease of use and the ability to quickly make changes was of paramount importance.


Aydee listened very carefully to what I was trying to achieve and made suggestions that really worked. It was very obvious that he has experience in effective communication through websites and through social media. He actually went beyond my expectations and my website is better than I’d imagined it could be!

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Counsellor and Author

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Our process

• We conducted an initial Discovery Session to hear the vision of the author for their writing and counselling services. Of special importance was the need to plan a blended approach for both and how they can work together.

• To help the author with their rebranding initiatives, we worked with her to develop colours and fonts that would showcase her specialized style and matched the services to the appropriate side of the colour wheel.

• To improve overall imaging, we worked with our photographer to collect original artwork and images which would provide an ongoing repository of imagery for future messaging.

• The author specifically asked for detailed training on the new website’s content management system and how to make updates going forward.

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Our work

• We ensured that the highlighted services offered in four key areas were prominently displayed throughout the website.

• Next, we included images that were client-focused, helping to provide an additional layer of critical social trust conducive to growth.

• To facilitate a lead conversion model of marketing, we implemented a subscriber mailing list form. This enabled the author to grow her readership and offer email marketing-style offers to her network.

• Highlighted logos and brands from her previous clients, building upon her existing social proof.

• To continue building on an established SEO-focused website, we added a blog section. This enabled her to continue her writing while adding additional stories and valuable authoritative content.

• We then ensured that all agreed-upon branding guidelines, namely the bright colours and art outside the typical range of counselling and therapy service websites, were prominent throughout the site.

• To help the author with future updates, we added the powerful WordPress Elementor management system for easy updates and the ability to expand upon launch content

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The mailing list has grown the user base

Achieved bookings online

Access point for clients and story

Clients are now able to connect before contact


Guidance during a critical spiritual, emotional, or relationship journey is often the deciding factor for the final outcome.

As Hilary Marshall is a highly-accomplished author and counsellor, her new website has allowed her to build upon her existing expertise and recognition, growing new clients and exposure throughout her network.

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