Geraldine Latty

Creating an online learning space for singers and musicians

Project overview

We believe in the importance of supporting local artists. We had the pleasure of working with singer songwriter and worship leader Geraldine Latty.

Her goal was to create an artist website with an integrated e-commerce store for purchasing music, online courses, and writing.


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The challenge

• The songwriting community has unique needs that a standard website build often falls short of meeting. From bookings to purchasing music, a lack of these expected features severely hurts an artist’s influence and exposure.

• Any e-commerce offerings needed to be complete as well as enabling the artist to sell access to an online singing course.

• Downloaded music continues to be the preferred method of consumption for most consumers. This requires a dedicated area to sell this type of content.

Three pages website Geraldine Latty

• To stay in the loop, a hub for singing events, special appearances, user coaching, and booking rehearsals needed to be easily accessible.

• Furthering the digital audience initiatives, the foundation needed to be laid to build a network of e-newsletter subscribers.

• Due to various factors, there was general brand confusion surrounding the artist online.


Conscientious, diligent ‘gets the job done’ attitude coupled with speed and efficiency and all that in a friendly, relaxed and purposeful environment.

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CEO Luce Music

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Our process

• To get started building the online brand, we first held meetings and discovery sessions to unpack the direction of the new branding guidelines. This would lay the groundwork for the flow of the website and how users would interact with the brand.

• Next, a new font set, colour guide, and tone of voice for the artist were established. These would act as a template for all messaging and digital content initiatives.

• We then collaborated and worked with the artist to implement a custom e-commerce store for all areas. Included were plans for a “free download” resource guide, helping the artist build their lead database while providing website visitors with tools to get them started on their own music career journey.

• Continued to detail the ongoing areas of improvement and developed solutions to facilitate the long-term goals for the artist and her online presence.

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Our work

• Ensured that the artist lead magnet, a “Free Vocal Agility Guide” was easily accessible from the main menu. This implantation furthered the artist’s goals of increasing subscribers and growing her exposure network.

• To ensure that the artist achieved her desired growth for event bookings, we integrated a contact form specifically for special appearance inquiries.

• Throughout the site we added the artist’s mailing list subscriber sign-up form, keeping it front and center in key areas of the website.

• The goal of increased event bookings was achieved through the creation of an easy-to-access booking form.

• To further the artist’s SEO exposure, we added a blog section. This not only helped to increase digital readership, but it also encouraged SEO-critical backlinks to her articles from external sources and helped to reinforce her expertise in the music industry.

• E-Commerce store initiatives were implemented, including a section dedicated to online choir rehearsals, singing courses, and one-on-one vocal coach bookings.


An online hub for booking information and resources.

Developed new online singing course

Increased mailing list sign ups

Increased engagement with the community


As a worship leader, entrepreneur, and local artist, Geraldine Latty’s role as an encourager and choir coach positioned her as a highly-respected musician within her community.

The revamped website helps her continue to mentor and guide others into music-based leadership roles, building character while guiding aspiring musicians toward successful careers.

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